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Geographic Variation in the Distribution of Ontario Primary Care Physicians
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  • Copyright: ICES
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  • Year: 2017

Geographic Variation in the Supply and Distribution of Comprehensive Primary Care Physicians in Ontario, 2014/15

Green ME, Gozdyra P, Frymire E, Glazier RH. July 2017.

This study contributes evidence on the availability of and access to primary care physicians relative to population numbers and needs in Ontario.

For each of six study regions in Ontario, seven mapping techniques are used to depict geographic variations in the supply and distribution of comprehensive primary care physicians in 2014/15. The maps are based on either predetermined boundaries (census subdivisions and Local Health Integration Networks) or natural patterns of provider-patient relationships (multispecialty physician networks). The maps provide a visual orientation to the physicians' geographic availability (their number for the population in a given area), their geographic accessibility (the travel time required to reach them) and their model of practice (family health team, fee-for-service, capitation).

Wide variation in Ontarians' access to family doctorsClick image to enlarge

Keywords: Access to health care Primary care/clinical practice Health human resources

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