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  • Copyright: Springer
  • Availability: Web and Print
  • Year: 2016

Medical Practice Variations

Editors: Johnson A, Stukel TA. April 2016.

This special volume on medical practice variations, edited by ICES scientists Thérèse Stukel and Ana Johnson, is part of a six-volume Springer series on health services research.

The volume introduces the early history of medical practice variations, outlines established concepts and frameworks, and provides an overview of methods used to understand the variations in medical care. Such variations raise critical concerns about the quality, equity and efficiency of health care resources across the world.

Many of the chapters in this volume have been authored by ICES scientists. Pre-proof versions of all the chapters are now available for download.

Keywords: Health services research Equity in health care


Small Area Analysis and the Challenge of Practice Variation
John Wennberg, Klim McPherson and David Goodman

Sociological Model for Understanding Medical Practice Variations
Judith De Jong, Peter P. Groenewegen and Gert P. Westert

Medical Practice Variations in Acute Care Hospitalization
Kimberlyn McGrail and Steven Lewis

Medical Practice Variations in Elective Surgery
Enrique Bernal-Delgado, Manuel Ridao-Lopez and Sandra Garcia-Armesto

Medical Practice Variations in Emergency Services
Ian Blunt

Medical Practice Variations in Primary Care
Gert P. Westert, Judith D. de Jong and Philip da Silva

Medical Practice Variations in Pediatric Care
Patricia Tak Sam Li, David C. Goodman and Astrid Guttmann

Medical Practice Variations in Reproductive, Obstetric, and Gynaecological Care
Ilir Hoxha, André Busato and Xhyljeta Luta

Medical Practice Variations in Mental Health and Addictions Care
Elizabeth Lin, Zeynep Or, Magali Coldefy, Karen Urbanoski, Dallas Seitz, Corine Carlisle, Peter Szatmari and Paul Kurdyak

Medical Practice Variations in End-of-Life Care
Michael Hammer, Hans Olav Melberg and Robert Fowler

Medical Practice Variations in Acute Myocardial Infarction
David Alter and Mary Forhan

Medical Practice Variations in Heart Failure
Gregory A. Roth, Jeremiah Brown and David J. Malenka

Medical Practice Variations in Stroke
Muhammad U. Farooq, Dilip K. Pandey, Karen R. Burritt, Matthew J. Reeves and Philip B. Gorelick

Medical Practice Variations in Joint Replacement in Patients with Osteoarthritis
Aparna Ingleshwar and Maria E. Suarez-Almazor

Medical Practice Variations in Diabetes Mellitus
John-Michael Gamble and Sonia Butalia

Medical Practice Variations in Cancer Surgery
Devon Richardson, David Urbach and Nancy Baxter

Variations in Healthcare Spending and Quality Among Institutions
Tetsuya Otsubo, Yuichi Imanaka, Toshitaka Morishima, Noriko Sasaki, Sungchul Park and Jason Lee

Disparities in Medical Practices
Arlene S. Bierman and Joel S. Weissman

Strategies and Tools to Manage Variation in Regional Governance Systems
Sabina Nuti and Milena Vainieri

Shared Decision-Making for Medical Practice Variations in Elective Surgeries and Tests
Dawn Stacey and France Légaré

National Organisation Dedicated to Public Reporting on Hospital and Primary Care: An Australian Experience
Diane Watson and Adam Cresswell

Highly Visible, Small Organisation Dedicated to Reporting on Medical Practice Variation: An Australian Experience
Diane Watson, Bruce Armstrong and Kim Browne

Practice Guidelines and Practice Variation: Diagnostic Technology in Maternity Care
Jostein Grytten, Lars Monkerud and Rune Sorensen