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Arthritis and Related Conditions: An ICES Practice Atlas
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  • Copyright: ICES
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  • Year: 1998

Arthritis and Related Conditions: An ICES Practice Atlas

Badley EM, Williams JI, editors. May 1998.

Arthritis and related conditions comprise a large group of musculoskeletal disorders affecting the joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones and connective tissues. Almost 20% of Canadians report having arthritis—by 2020, this will represent about three million people. While hospital, medical and drug costs associated with arthritis are significant, the true economic burden is apparent in income lost due to arthritis disability. 

A collaborative effort with the Arthritis Society of Ontario and the Arthritis Community Research and Evaluation Unit (ACREU), this practice atlas reviews patterns of health care for these conditions, presents findings on current and projected needs and services, and charts a course for changes in the health care system and future health services research.

Keywords: Arthritis Health care costs Health care utilization

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