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The ICES Data Repository consists of record-level, coded and linkable health data sets. It encompasses much of the publicly funded administrative health services records for the Ontario population eligible for universal health coverage since 1986 and is flexible to integrate research-specific data, registries and surveys. Currently, this includes health service records for as many as 13 million people.

The breadth and scope of ICES data is the foundational resource for unbiased evidence to inform health system policy, planning and evaluation. It also supports hundreds of research projects each year.

For a list of the ICES Data Repository data sets, including detailed descriptions of individual variables and their values, access the ICES Data Dictionary.

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Information is the foundation of everything we do at ICES. It provides the evidence that guides health care. ICES relies on its ability to collect and use information that is subject to privacy laws and standards, and is deeply committed to its protection. At ICES, privacy matters.

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