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ICES-Institute for clinical evaluative sciences

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are ICES Data & Analytic Services (DAS)?

2. Who can use DAS?

3. How does DAS relate to SPOR?

4. How does DAS provide access to data?

5. How does ICES ensure that the privacy and security standards are met when public sector researchers access data?

6. How do public sector researchers request access to a DAS research-ready linked dataset?

7. Does DAS provide public sector researchers who are accessing data with applications for analyzing data?

8. What if I am a public sector requestor seeking analytic services or reports rather than data?

9. Why does DAS cost less for Ontario-based public sector researchers/stakeholders compared to those that are outside of Ontario?

10. What if I am a public sector researcher seeking access to large datasets (as opposed to cut research-ready datasets that address specific questions)?

14. Does this mean that private sector organizations will now be working with ICES data?

15. What are the principles that guide DAS private sector work?

16. Why has ICES started providing DAS analytic services for private sector researchers?

18. What kinds of private sector studies will DAS support?

19. What is an example of a private sector study that DAS analytic services might support?

20. What is an example of a private sector study that DAS would NOT support?

21. How will the transparency principle be operationalized?

22. Why aren’t private sector researchers offered the full range of DAS services including access to data? Will this change in the future?

23. When a private sector researcher requests DAS analytic services who decides what the research question(s) and study design will be?

24. What if a private sector organization doesn’t have the expertise required to design studies?

25. Does the decision to provide DAS analytic services for the private sector mean that ICES scientists will start working with private sector organizations?

26. Will private sector researchers be charged the same fee as public sector researchers?

28. Will ICES representatives be co-authors on publications?

29. Will I need to sign an agreement?

30. What is the process for requesting DAS private sector analytic services?