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Data Available Through DAS

ICES has the most comprehensive array of linked, health-related data in Ontario. Data availability and update frequency are subject to data sharing agreements made with the data custodians. Lag time varies depending on the data holding; for example, some data sets are updated as often as biweekly, others between one to two years. For more information regarding date ranges available, see the ICES Data Dictionary.

ICES uses a unique 10-digit number to identify each individual in its data sets. The same encryption algorithm is used for all ICES data sets; this enables information to be linked from one data set to another and makes it possible to track an individual’s trajectory of care through the health system over time.

Data sets available through ICES DAS are limited to administrative data holdings. These include:

  • Hospital Discharge Abstract Database (DAD)
  • National Ambulatory Care Reporting System (NACRS)
  • Continuing Care Reporting System (CCRS)
  • Ontario Drug Benefit Claims (ODB)
  • Ontario Health Insurance Plan Claims Database (OHIP)
  • Registered Persons Database (RPDB)
  • Ontario Cancer Registry (OCR)

The ICES Data Dictionary includes a comprehensive listing of data holdings.

Researchers may also link their own externally collected research data sets to ICES data. For more information, contact us.