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Integrated Client Care Project (ICCP)

In 2008, the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care announced the Strengthening Home Care Services in Ontario strategy. One component of the strategy sought to promote better health outcomes for Ontarians through an Integrated Client Care Project (ICCP). This multi-year initiative was introduced to test new, more integrated models of health care delivery at a number of sites across the province.

The ICCP unites Community Care Access Centres, service providers and health sector stakeholders in establishing a model of care organized around clinical conditions with the following goals:

  • to achieve better health care more cost effectively
  • to improve population outcomes
  • to improve the quality of home and community care delivery

Currently, the ICCP is evaluating the impact of community-based funding, costing and integrated delivery approaches for two client groups:

  • clients requiring palliative care
  • clients requiring wound care

The goal of the evaluation is to examine the client and system impacts of integrating care and the policies required to support the transition to an integrated client care model.

Role of ICES in project evaluation

ICES supported the impact assessment by ensuring that appropriate external evaluators were selected and that impact assessment designs were of high quality and had scientific merit. ICES also contract-managed the external evaluators, who measured impacts and effectiveness in real time across the project’s field trials.