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New mission, vision and values


ICES has been engaged in a strategic review that has provided us with an opportunity to engage with internal and external stakeholders and test a number of new strategic directions that we are developing for the future.

One early result of that review has been the crafting of Error: Expected single child node to be of type Text; got tag statements, as well as a new tagline—Data – Discovery – Better Healthcare (see above)—to accompany the redesigned logo we introduced in 2013.

ICES Mission

ICES is a not-for-profit research institute encompassing a community of research, data and clinical experts and a secure and accessible array of Ontario's health-related data. Our mission is research excellence resulting in trusted evidence that makes policy better, healthcare stronger and people healthier.

ICES Vision

Our vision is to be a world-leading institute where data and discovery improve health and healthcare.

ICES Values

  • Excellence — demonstrated by the quality, innovation and rigour of our work.
  • Integrity — expressed through independence, transparency and impartiality.
  • Relevance — by providing high-value, timely results that are responsive to health priorities
  • Collaboration — through effective partnerships, accessible data and a spirit of openness.
  • Respect — exemplified by responsible stewardship, inclusiveness and appreciation of each other.


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