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ICES fellow Jane Polsky receives Health System Impact Fellowship


ICES fellow Jane Polsky is one of 46 PhD graduates to receive research support through an innovative new funding program developed by CIHR’s Institute for Health Services and Policy Research and the Canadian Health Services and Policy Research Alliance. The $5.8 million Health System Impact Fellowship and Training Modernization Start-Up Grant program will support a new model of training for health services researchers that features mentoring and hands-on work experience in healthcare organizations. ICES is one of 36 health system partners that will host Health System Impact Fellows.

Dr. Polsky has an MSc in epidemiology from Queen’s University and a PhD in public health from the University of Toronto. Her project at ICES will focus on working with new and existing partners to build ICES’ capacity in the use of data on the socioeconomic determinants of health and establish a cross-sectoral data repository for policy evaluation.

Jane Polsky

Jane Polsky


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