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2012/13 Annual Report


Data, Discovery, Impact, the 2012/13 annual report of the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, is now available online. In addition to outlining the achievements of scientists and staff over the previous year, the report highlights five ICES studies whose findings have had a particular impact on policy makers, system planners, healthcare providers and consumers. The study headlines exemplify the scope and relevance of the research we can undertake with the wealth of data available to us:

  • Researchers find basic infrastructure already in place to build a better healthcare system in Ontario
  • Physicians’ warnings to patients judged unfit to drive reduces risk of crashes
  • OxyContin prescribing increases dramatically near Ontario border after US introduces tamper-resistant formulation
  • Unhealthy behaviours are costing Ontarians more than seven years of life
  • The risk of developing diabetes is higher in less walkable neighbourhoods

The annual report also presents highlights of a review conducted by the scientific advisory committee of the ICES board of directors, and concludes with a summary of our audited financial statements.

Please take a moment to read and reflect on what we have accomplished in the past year. We welcome your feedback at [email protected].


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