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  • Copyright: ICES
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  • Year: 2016

A $4.9 Billion Decrease in Health Care Expenditure: The Ten-Year Impact of Improving Smoking, Alcohol, Diet and Physical Activity in Ontario

Manuel DG, Perez R, Bennett C, Laporte A, Wilton AS, Gandhi S, Yates EA, Henry DA. April 2016

This report describes the proportion of Ontario adults at risk for four health behaviours — smoking, unhealthy alcohol consumption, poor diet and physical inactivity — and estimates the impact of these behaviours and socioeconomic position on total health care costs, as well as health care costs in three sectors: hospital care, community care and prescription drugs.

The researchers have created an online calculator to help Ontarians estimate their life expectancy and direct health care costs based on their habits and lifestyle choices.

Keywords: Smoking and tobacco Diet and nutrition Physical activity Health care costs

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