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The Impact of Not Having a Primary Care Physician among People with Chronic Conditions Document Details
  • Copyright: ICES
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  • Year: 2008

The Impact of Not Having a Primary Care Physician Among People with Chronic Conditions

Glazier RH, Moineddin R, Agha MM, Zagorski B, Hall R, Manuel DG, Sibley LM, Kopp A. July 2008

Primary care plays a pivotal role in health care systems as the first point of access to care. According to recent surveys, nearly one in ten (nine percent) of Ontarians reported not having a regular medical doctor, and many more people said they had problems accessing primary care.

This report examines specific health system impacts related to Ontarians with chronic health conditions who did not have a primary care physician at the time they were surveyed.

Keywords: Access to health care Primary care/clinical practice

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