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Incorporating pharmacosurveillance in provincial drug formulary decision-making Document Details
  • Copyright: ICES
  • Availability: Web Only
  • Year: 2005

Incorporating Pharmacosurveillance in Provincial Drug Formulary Decision-Making

Anderson GM, Bassett K and the BC–Ontario Pharmacosurveillance for Decision-Making Collaborative. June 2005

Provincial drug plan managers seek real-world evidence regarding the safety and effectiveness of drugs and drug coverage policies. University-based researchers with access to routinely gathered health administrative data can help to meet these information needs. In this collaborative report, Ontario- and British Columbia-based researchers describe an effort to:

  • Work with formulary decision makers in the two provinces to identify pharmacosurveillance information needs;
  • Develop and refine techniques for producing such evidence; and
  • Assess its impact upon formulary decision-making.

Keywords: Knowledge translation

Full report
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