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Use of Large Bowel Procedures in Ontario
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  • Year: 2004

Use of Large Bowel Procedures in Ontario

Vinden C, Schultz S, Rabeneck L. February 2004

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the leading cause of death from cancer among nonsmoking Ontarians. Of the four most common types of cancer (including lung, prostate and female breast cancers), CRC patients have the highest number of hospital bed-days, representing a significant societal burden in terms of mortality, morbidity and health care costs.

Despite a rise in the number of large-bowel tests used to screen for CRC, only 7% of screen-eligible Ontarians (those aged 50 to 74) received a test in 2001. This research atlas examines procedure practice patterns and associated resources to inform discussions about the feasibility of implementing a population-based CRC screening program in Ontario.

Keywords: Colorectal cancer Screening and prevention Health care utilization

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