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Focus groups in health services research at ICES Document Details
  • Copyright: ICES
  • Availability: Web Only
  • Year: 1999

Focus Groups in Health Services Research at ICES

Slaughter P, Pinfold P, Flintoft V, Gort E, Thiel E, Blackstien-Hirsch P, Axcell T, Paterson M, Cameron C, Estabrooks C, Mercer SL, Goel V, Williams JI. May 1999

ICES conducts health services research using a diverse range of quantitative and qualitative methods. This report features advice and information for conducting various types of focus groups, such as interviews with the general public, stakeholder panel discussions and facilitated multi-physician discussions. Useful how-to content includes sample consent forms, checklists, budgets and descriptions of deliverables.

Keywords: Research and statistical methods

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