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Patterns of Health Care in Ontario, 2nd edition Document Details
  • Copyright: ICES
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  • Year: 1996

Patterns of Health Care in Ontario, 2nd edition

Goel V, Williams JI, Anderson GM, Blackstien-Hirsch P, Fooks C, Naylor CD. May 1996

In the mid-1990s, Ontario’s health care system continued to undergo profound change with demands to restructure while maintaining or improving health outcomes. Funding constraints, combined with changing demographics, emerging technologies and prescription drugs, and inflation, resulted in reduced real dollars for health care.

This research atlas updates data from the 1994 edition and covers additional topics, such as physician billing patterns and impact of length of stay on hospital readmissions. Further, it describes utilization and expenditure trends in mental health and pediatric services.

Keywords: Health care delivery Health care utilization Health care costs

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