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Daily Health Headlines

November 12, 2018

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The news release “Major traumatic injury survivors at an increased risk of mental health diagnoses, suicide” is based on the study “Mental health outcomes after major trauma in Ontario: a population-based analysis” and was covered by The Globe and Mail.

The news release “New study points to strategies to reduce maternal death” is based on the study “Prevalence of severe maternal morbidity and factors associated with maternal mortality in Ontario, Canada”.


It’s time to use your benefits or lose them

Fish oil drugs protect heart health, two studies say

Why recreational smashing could be good for your mental health

Why Statistics Canada’s current data practices don’t add up (opinion)


What it’s like to give a voice to Indigenous cancer patients

Ottawa to encourage more countries to offer contraception, abortion, minister says

Indigenous women still being coerced into sterilizations across Canada, Ontario senator says


Canada falling short on flu vaccinations: internal report

Rare polio-like illness affecting kids may have reached Alberta

On the front line of a crisis, overdose-prevention staff could use some help

'Troubling allegations' prompt Health Canada review of studies used to approve popular weed-killer


Spiked drinks a priority problem, Nova Scotia police chiefs say

How one Canadian veteran left a homeless, hopeless life behind him

Americans urged to get more physical activity, start exercising earlier in life

Canadian charity calls for people with Down syndrome to be put on endangered species list


Virtual reality helps to treat victims of sexual assault

Sharing breast milk: Should you ever nurse someone else’s baby?


The Chemists’ War

The War to End All Measles

Too Much Caffeine May Stress the Heart

Soy Baby Formulas Tied to Menstrual Pain

Dementia Is Getting Some Very Public Faces

F.D.A. Plans to Seek a Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

What Stereotypes Do You See Around Veterans and PTSD?

In China, Desperate Patients Smuggle Drugs. Or Make Their Own.


Humanity under threat from antibiotic-resistant infections

Modern life offers children almost everything they need, except daylight  

On the 100th anniversary of WWI’s end, lessons on life in health care’s trenches


What Do You Wish You Knew About How To Eat Well?

After NRA Mocks Doctors, Physicians Reply: 'This Is Our Lane'

Childbirth In The Age Of Addiction: New Mom Worries About Maintaining Her Sobriety