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Daily Health Headlines

July 8, 2020


Un-masking the mandatory mask policy

Business owners on their own when it comes to mask bylaw enforcement

Canadian airlines accused of ignoring COVID precautions, denying refunds

Quebec says ‘not yet’ to collecting personal data of bar patrons for COVID tracing

Border should remain closed until COVID-19 situation in U.S. improves, economists say

Testing turnaround delays at St. Joseph’s COVID-19 assessment centre cause anxiety amid reopening

Migrant workers with COVID-19 must not be allowed to work, health experts say — as infected worker count surpasses 1,000


Coronavirus Update: Basic income for six months could cost $98-billion: PBO

How one Toronto technology company is powering the future of online education


TTC board member denounces anti-mask protest as 'political stunt'

New health omnibus bill clears way for privatization, doctors' contracts

Families of long term care residents warn of sweltering conditions in homes

Should indoor masks be mandatory in public? Hamilton's board of health votes Friday

Essential workers during COVID-19 susceptible to 'moral injury' and PTSD, hospital says

Ontario introduces legislation to extend emergency orders into next year, as province reports 112 new cases


Health scans ramping up at 36 'high-volume' border crossings

This non-dairy ice cream product sold in Canada actually contains dairy: recall

When a COVID-19 vaccine is ready, some Canadians likely won't want to get it

'Silent spreaders' may be responsible for half of U.S. COVID-19 cases, study finds

Refusing a mask should be as taboo as drinking and driving, leading scientist says

Why Canadian health leaders are downplaying concerns about airborne COVID-19 microdroplets


Canada’s coronavirus decline continues as cases surpass 106,000

Coronavirus: Payments for Canadians with disabilities still in limbo

These are the most likely — and least likely — ways to spread COVID-19

U.S. probing TikTok over allegations app violated children’s privacy: sources

Hospitals develop guidelines to help staff deal with stress, PTSD amid coronavirus

Can I refuse a temperature check? What to know about the COVID-19 screening tool

London, Ont., study examines treatment for premature babies for use in COVID-19 patients


Innovative solutions to domestic violence during pandemic are temporary Band-Aids


A Shot to Protect Against H.I.V.

U.S. Will Pay $1.6 Billion to Novavax for Coronavirus Vaccine

‘It Will Consume Your Life’: 4 Families Take On Rare Diseases

Patient Is Reported Free of H.I.V., but Scientists Urge Caution

New Data Sheds Light on Who Is Moving Because of the Pandemic

W.H.O. to Review Evidence of Airborne Transmission of Coronavirus

Fauci Says Virus Cases ‘Never Got Down to Where We Wanted to Go’ as Deaths Pass 130,000


Why Flexible Working Could Save Your Life

These Mental Health Apps Are Geared Toward People Of Color


Simulations with actors prepare nurses for the demands of their profession


With a clinical hold, off-the-shelf CAR-T hits a new safety concern

Trump administration submits formal notice of withdrawal from WHO

Proposed changes to lung cancer screening guidance could increase scans among Black patients, women


Ideas For Reopening Schools; Evidence Of Airborne Spread

Florida Orders Schools To Reopen In The Fall For In-Person Instruction

Atlanta Mayor Tests Positive, Sees 'Perfect Storm Of Distress In America'

The Pandemic Is Pushing Scientists To Rethink How They Read Research Papers

Trudeau Won't Visit Trump. Most Canadians Don't Want To Cross The Border Either


Microsoft takes down domains used in COVID-19-related cybercrime


Hackers Hide Phishing Links Inside .ics Calendar Invitations