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Daily Health Headlines

January 17, 2020


The article “London study links stroke to increased risk of cardiac event” is based on the ICES study “First-ever ischemic stroke and incident major adverse cardiovascular events in 93 627 older women and men”.


U.K. psychiatric group cites social media dangers to the young

Kids across Canada more at risk of hospitalization from flu this season, chief public health officer says

New Toronto rules for data collection won’t be in place before final vote on Sidewalk Labs’ smart city project

It’s the world’s leading cause of death — and it’s not getting the medical attention a new study says it deserves

Health Canada seizes products that may pose ‘serious health risks’ from Etobicoke beauty store after Star investigation


Germaphobe? I like to think of it as simply good hygiene

Biometric opioid dispensing machine first of its kind to address demand for safer drug supply

Alberta urges Ottawa to address outstanding questions on Indigenous child welfare legislation

Health officials report Newfoundland and Labrador’s first probable case of vaping-related lung illness

Ineffective private-sector partner, federal funding cuts hampered Canada’s efforts to develop Ebola vaccine: study


Vancouver health authority to offer free take-home fentanyl test kits

Breastfeeding rates continuing to decline, according to WECHU report

Sleep problems in older adults linked to cognitive decline and dementia

Nearly half of Canadians are concerned about vaccine safety. Here's why.

BPA substitute may be more harmful than original say Guelph researchers

'We're done': Foster parents share horror stories about broken N.W.T. system

First responders carry coins to spark mental health conversations in Windsor-Essex

Hidden cameras capture misinformation, fundraising tactics used by anti-vaxx movement

A young man dies while on suicide watch, but there's no courtroom in Toronto to hear the case


Middle-age misery peaks at 47 years of age, study says

B.C. court rules in favour of dad seeking power to immunize his children

'Get the shot,' urges widower whose wife died days after contracting the flu

A 20-minute walk could boost your brain as much as a cup of coffee, study says


Second person dies in Chinese virus outbreak

1st diagnostic test developed for new virus that emerged in China

Fitbit data could help predict flu outbreaks, says one study — here’s how

Quebec nurses union calls for solution to overcrowding in emergency rooms

No evidence confidential patient info compromised in cyberattack: eHealth Sask.

California’s Yosemite National Park probing 170 reported illnesses amid 2 norovirus cases


Overwhelmed by Medical Bills, and Finding Help on TikTok

Ayanna Pressley Opens Up About Living With Alopecia and Hair Loss


Why Not Both?: A New Approach To Caring For Our Aging Loved Ones

Five Challenges In Digital Identity Verification In A Privacy-Focused Era

Autonomous In Action: Self-driving cars get all the publicity, but other industries are already getting exceptional value from AI-based systems


'List price' for healthcare treatments in the U.S. may be misleading

'I was like, wait, no!' Did Goop's chief content officer really have an exorcism?


The public science behind the ‘Merck’ Ebola vaccine (opinion)


Stress, anxiety, harassment: huge survey reveals pressures of scientists’ working lives


Code Rot:  Healthcare’s growing patient threat


U.S. Healthcare Data Breach Cost $4 Billion in 2019.  2020 Won’t Be Any Better