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Daily Health Headlines

July 17, 2018

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Tories sending mixed messages on sex-education curriculum

Coroner’s office cut back on probes into long-term care deaths in 2013, Wettlaufer inquiry told

Ottawa must pay another $21 billion over decade for seniors health care, physicians urge

Decriminalize all drugs, Toronto health board urges Ottawa

A baby’s cry may predict its adult voice, new study shows


Investigator finds culture of disrespect, harassment at MUN medical school

Pardoning Robert Latimer is not justified

What the reality of breastfeeding looks like

Grey area: The fragile frontier of dementia, intimacy and sexual consent

CRISPR gene editing can cause risky collateral damage to DNA: study


Thousands of patient records held for ransom in Ontario home care data breach, attackers claim

Pharmacare may appeal to premiers seeking consensus this week in N.B.

The case for decriminalizing drugs in Canada


Physicians urge Ottawa to pay another $21B over decade for seniors health care

Multiple sclerosis patients had higher incidence other conditions: UBC study

WHO recognizes 'compulsive sexual behaviour' as mental disorder

Toronto's medical officer of health wants feds to decriminalize all drugs for personal use 

Man cycling across Canada for Alzheimer's research in grandfather's memory


Pennsylvania woman charged after baby’s death blamed on drugs in breast milk

Canadian scientist’s ‘cure cancer’ video goes viral. But it’s purposefully fake

Suicide notes: Canadian researchers look at final words for clues on preventing deaths

Full-fat milk, cheese and yogurt can protect against strokes: study


Now in Sight: Success Against an Infection That Blinds

Defendants on Probation Can Be Jailed for Drug Relapse, Court Rules

Cognitive Test Trump Took May Have Been Undermined by Publicity, Doctors Warn

How to Get Your Intuition Back (When It’s Hijacked by Life)


The truth about cannabis on Canadian campuses

Why Ryanair passengers were bleeding from the ears

Genetically testing human embryos: what you need to know about the debate

Cracking the cold chain challenge is key to making vaccines ubiquitous

Humans are to blame for the rise in dangerous viral infections


A CAR-T bottleneck: Centers that collect patient cells feel crunch from growing demand

No more ‘sledgehammer’: As gonorrhea grows resistant to antibiotics, researchers look to bespoke treatments

With latest defeat in South Dakota, drug pricing initiatives unlikely to see the ballot in 2018

Insurers And Government Are Slow To Cover Expensive CAR-T Cancer Therapy

Health Insurers Are Vacuuming Up Details About You — And It Could Raise Your Rates

Despite The End Of China's One-Child Policy, Births Are Still Lagging