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Daily Health Headlines

February 23, 2018

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Listen to Paul Kurdyak on CBC’s Ontario This Morning (begins at 2:37) discuss yesterday’s published study on involuntary psychiatric admissions.


The Lancet derides Canada for contrast between Indigenous and non-Indigenous health outcomes

Scientists must feel free to speak out

This man’s brain tumour was so big that it ‘sat like a head on top of another head’

‘Total’ information warfare a threat to democracy: CSIS report


B.C. Supreme Court order providing Indigenous mother daily access to newborn could set national precedent

How farmers are using big data to grow food

Snacks with benefits


How many new drugs rely on government-funded science? All of them

6 reasons doctors say to avoid colon cleanses

Carbs not linked to PMS, study finds


Indian surgeons remove 'heaviest recorded' brain tumour

Lancet series calls on Canada for concrete action on Indigenous, global health

N.S. moves to speed up entry for internationally trained doctors

Superagers' brains offer clues for sharp memory in old age

The longer you are obese, the greater the risk of heart disease: study


Reality check: Can you speed up a slow metabolism?

Toronto police to begin ‘structured deployment’ of naloxone to officers

Olympic doping: Athletes turn to common nasal spray, asthma inhalers, for edge

How early is too early to talk to your kids about weight and exercise?

Ontario government releases children’s books aimed at celebrating people of all abilities


Opening Mental Hospitals Unlikely to Prevent Mass Shootings, Experts Say

The Weekly Health Quiz: Weight Loss, Memory and a Cancer Cure

Can Being Cold Make You Sick?


It beats like the real thing, but can a miniature human heart prevent the next Vioxx?

Community providers will help drive the future of precision medicine

People with mental illness can make psychiatric advanced directives. We need to encourage them to do so.

Trump: New HHS chief has already lowered drug prices


Does A Larger Role For Midwives Mean Better Care?

Cave Art May Have Been Handiwork Of Neanderthals

Synergy Between Nurses And Automation Could Be Key To Finding Sepsis Early