Daily Health Headlines

May 25, 2017

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The news release “More than half of children and youth in ER for mental health needs have not had any previous mental health-related contact with the health care system” is based on the study “Emergency department as a first contact for mental health problems in children and youth.”


27 homeless deaths in Toronto in just three months

WSIB cutting costs at expense of workers’ health, report says

Ontario opioid tracker provides up-to-date data

Basic income hailed as way to give people chance to chase their dreams


Ontario to lead in humane correctional practices, minister says

Calculating the business cost of ignoring mental health

Ontario opioid overdose deaths climb in first half of 2016

What’s the best way to dispose of prescription medication?


Sloppy science creates worthless cures and wastes billions, says author

Indigenous maternal health program aims to address inequality of health care

10 million steps for mental health: Man and husky complete cross-Canada walk

Cannabidiol reduces seizures in kids with severe form of epilepsy, trial shows

How Alberta's fentanyl crisis escalated despite years of warnings

Zika virus hit earlier than thought in Brazil, Florida, genome tests reveal

CBO estimates 23 million to lose health insurance under Republican bill


FDA: Controller for heart pump recalled over deaths

Controversial Indian IVF clinic giving hope to older women

A little chocolate each week may help prevent a heart flutter

Just 1 alcoholic drink per day increases breast cancer risk: report


Ontario launches website to make opioid data public

Here’s what your fitness tracker is accurately recording (and what it’s way off on)

Report says Instagram is the worst app for young people’s mental health


Rare Gene Mutations Inspire New Heart Drugs

Put Your Baby in a Box? Experts Advise Caution

A 1-Hour Walk, 3 Times a Week, Has Benefits for Dementia


What needs to happen to build resilience and improve mental health among junior doctors

Poor kids hit puberty sooner and risk a lifetime of health problems

How do we choose who gets the flu vaccine in a pandemic – paramedics, prisoners or the public?

Health Check: can chopping your vegetables boost their nutrients?


Lives of 24 million children threatened by conflict, UNICEF says

‘The clock is ticking’: WHO’s next chief faces sobering challenges

In a first, scientists show a marijuana component reduces seizures for some with epilepsy


The former head of the CDC is seriously upset about Trump’s public health cuts

Why you shouldn’t trust the calorie estimates on your fitness tracker