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Corporate Reports

To learn more about ICES accomplishments, plans and priorities, browse our corporate publications and annual reports.

2014 Strategic Road Map Report

2014/15 - 2016/17 Strategic Road Map

Data - Discovery - Better Health

Download: [2.8 MB PDF]

2013 Annual Report ICES

2012/2013 Annual Report

Data - Discovery - Impact

Download: [3.3 MB PDF]

twentieth anniversary magazine ICES

Twentieth Anniversary Magazine

1992-2012 - Looking Back, Looking Forward

Download: [7.8 MB PDF]

2012 annual report at ICES

2012 Annual Report

Research with Impact

Download: [4 MB PDF]

2011 annual report at ICES

2011 Annual Report

Excellence in Health Services Research

Download: [240 KB PDF]

2010 annual report at ICES

2010 Annual Report

Strengthening Research Capacity

Download: [3.2 MB PDF]

2009 annual report at ICES

2009 Annual Report

Expanding Partnerships, Expanding Opportunities

Download: [2.1 MB PDF]

2008 annual report at ICES

2008 Annual Report

World-class Research, Real World Results

Download: [1.4 MB PDF]

2007 annual report at ICES

2007 Annual Report

Knowledge Igniting Change

Download: [1.4 MB PDF]