Daily Health Headlines

April 24, 2017

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Yona Lunsky and Rob Balogh: People with developmental disabilities are invisible in the mental-health system


$110M lawsuit targets Ontario wait lists for developmentally delayed adults

Study on former NHL players and concussions yields surprising early results

How poor tobacco farmer Henrietta Lacks became a medical superstar after her death

Medical pot works in the battle against PTSD, vets say

NDP government would pay for drug coverage, Andrea Horwath says


Three African countries chosen to test first malaria vaccine

Canadian task force rejects calls for widespread hepatitis C-testing

Mark Wainberg, dead at 71, was ‘a giant of HIV science’

Study finds gender imbalance in children of Indo-Canadian women


Let's be friendly to people with dementia

Second Opinion: Million-dollar drug flops

Squeamish ceviche: chic raw fish dishes are tasty, but watch for worms

'It's made a difference': How word clouds offer solace to family members as a loved one dies

Miss Vickie's recalls jalapeno-flavoured chips due to salmonella risk

Why food recalls may seem more frequent

Why food recalls may seem more frequent


Three African countries to test first malaria vaccine

Science March: Activists protest in worldwide movement

Doctor's arrest brings attention to U.S. female circumcisions

Albertan with same mental illness as Adam Maier-Clayton had doctor-assisted death 3

GTA Longo's recalls select ground meat due to possible E. coli


World’s first malaria vaccine to be tested by 3 African countries

This is how the food industry is tricking you into making unhealthy choices

Report says ‘clean eating’ isn’t always healthy, but here’s how to do it right

9-year-old Calgary girl shaves her head to raise $20K for cancer charity

Reality check: Is your daily diet soda increasing your risk of dementia, stroke?


After Knee or Hip Replacement, No Place Like Home

Could Be the Thyroid; Could Be Ennui. Either Way, the Drug Isn’t Helping.

Fending Off Math Anxiety

Affordable Care Act: A Tale of Two Red States

Spend a Dollar on Drug Treatment, and Save More on Crime Reduction


7 takeaways from the March for Science

State lawmakers rushing to protect funding for Planned Parenthood

I marched for five hours in the rain on Saturday. Here’s why.

Former ‘Mythbusters’ host: ‘If science has an enemy, that enemy is bias’

As a competitor encroached, Mylan took one state to court to push EpiPen sales, documents show

As orthopedic procedures rise, surgeons debate the meaning of necessity


Your cells may be used in research without you knowing. How should we feel about that?

The March for Science was a delightfully nerdy celebration of discontent

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy was just dismissed from his post as top doctor


Is It Time For Hearing Aids To Be Sold Over The Counter?

Chemo Scrambled My Brain

Dark Lives Of 'The Radium Girls' Left A Bright Legacy For Workers, Science

'Send Me A Friend': Anders Osborne Helps Musicians Stay Sober On Tour

'Ancientbiotics' Researchers Look For Old Fixes To Modern Ailments