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Applied Health Research Question (AHRQ)

ICES receives funds from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to provide research evidence to organizations from across the Ontario health care system (Knowledge Users).


CANHEART is an academic research team of leading Canadian investigators focused on measuring and improving community-based care for those with cardiovascular risk factors and/or chronic diseases.

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Data Dictionary

The ICES Data Dictionary is a description of the ICES Data Repository: the files, the fields and the meaning of all valid values.

Data Services

As part of the Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit, researchers, students and knowledge users can access ICES data through ICES Data & Analytic Services (ICES DAS).

Privacy at ICES

Information is the foundation of everything ICES does. ICES relies on its ability to collect and use information that is subject to privacy laws & standards and is deeply committed to its protection.

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