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Information Strategy: Urgency Rating, Waiting List Management and Patient Outcomes Monitoring for Primary Hip/Knee Joint Replacement


Total hip and knee replacements are the definitive treatments for reducing pain and disability caused by arthritic disease or injury of the lower limbs. Over the fiscal years 1993/94 to 1998/99, the number of total hip replacements in Ontario increased by 22%, from 6,000 to 8,000 procedures, while total knee replacements increased by 54%, from 6,000 to 9,200 procedures.

This report provides recommendations for a system to supply information on waiting lists, severity ratings, wait times and patient outcomes following primary total hip and knee replacements. It also gives healthcare providers the tools to prioritize patients with respect to clinical condition, pain and degree of disability, and manage waiting lists.



Blackstien-Hirsch P, Golligh J, Hawker G, Kreder H, Mahomed N, Williams J. August 2000

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