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Long-term outcomes of adults with tricuspid regurgitation following transcatheter atrial septal defect closure


Background — Functional tricuspid regurgitation (TR) is a common pathophysiological condition in adults with secundum atrial septal defect (ASD). The aim of this study was to evaluate long-term outcomes following transcatheter ASD closure, which have not been well studied among patients with significant TR.

Methods — We reviewed consecutive adult patients who underwent transcatheter ASD closure at Toronto General Hospital, Ontario, Canada, between 1998 and 2016. We linked our hospital registry with Ontario population-based health administrative databases to collect longitudinal data on inpatient and outpatient healthcare utilization and vital status.

Results — In this cohort study of 949 patients, 199 (22%) patients had moderate to severe TR prior to transcatheter ASD closure. A significant proportion of patients (61%) showed improvement in TR severity to at least mild TR following ASD intervention. At a median follow-up of 10.9 years, patients with baseline mild or no TR, compared to those with greater than moderate TR, had significantly lower rates of all-cause mortality (6.8 vs 22.5 per 1000 person years (PY), p=<0.001), composite hospitalization for atrial fibrillation (AF) or heart failure (HF) (22.3 vs 49.1 per 1000 PY, p<0.001), and new onset of AF (10.4 vs 20.2 per 1000 PY, p=0.002), and HF (5.0 vs 9.2 per 1000 PY, p=0.039). Pre-procedural TR was independently associated with higher all-cause mortality (adjusted hazards ratio; HR=1.69, 95% confidence interval: 1.08-2.62).

Conclusions — TR severity was independently associated with a higher risk of mortality and morbidity. Further investigation of earlier device closure or concomitant tricuspid valve intervention may be of interest.



Bach Y, Abrahamyan L, Lee DS, Dharma C, Day J, Parker JD, Benson L, Osten M, Horlick E. Can J Cardiol. 2022; 38(3):330-7. Epub 2021 Dec 30.

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