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Step 1

The Requestor submits the DAS Request Form.

Step 2

ICES DAS assesses eligibility and project feasibility. If acceptable, the Requestor is invited to a consultation to review project objectives and timelines.

Step 3

During the consultation, ICES DAS will gather information to develop a preliminary project plan. Following the consultation, ICES DAS will provide the Requestor with a Confirmation of Feasibility that includes a cost estimate of the services requested.

Step 4

The Requestor seeks research ethics board approval for the project and satisfies any other conditions that must be met prior to project initiation, as specified in the Confirmation of Feasibility.

Step 5

The ICES Privacy Office reviews the submission to the research ethics board and corresponding approvals.

Step 6

ICES DAS provides the Requestor the DAS Agreement for signature.

Step 7

ICES DAS works with the Requestor to develop and finalize the Dataset Creation Plan.

Step 8

ICES DAS creates cohort(s) according to the final data set creation plan and generates research deliverables (tables, figures, or reports) as requested.

Step 9

The Requestor reviews the deliverables and advises ICES DAS if any changes are required.

Step 10

The Requestor receives the final deliverables as requested and informs ICES DAS of project closure.