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Description and healthcare resource utilization of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease in Ontario, Canada

Client: Amgen Canada Inc.
Project ID: P2016-015 / 2018 0970 092 000

Research Question/Objectives: There are minimal data available in Canada describing the prevalence of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease (ASCVD) as defined in the Canadian Cardiovascular Society dyslipidemia guidelines, nor are there data on the progression of the disease over time and the association with healthcare utilization. With the recent availability of new non-statin medications to lower low density lipoprotein – Cholesterol (LDL-C levels) and demonstrated improvement in morbidity and mortality outcomes in patients treated with these drugs, there is a need to understand the real-world burden of illness and cost of ASCVD to the Canadian healthcare system. Specifically, the research objectives of interest are:

  • To describe the incidence, prevalence, patient characteristics (including comorbidities), and health resource utilization of patients with ASCVD in Ontario, Canada.
  • To describe the time from first ASCVD event to second event, and subsequent event(s), and/or mortality, if applicable.
  • To describe the type of second and/or subsequent event(s) relative to the type of primary event.