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Breast cancer epidemiology, treatment patterns and utilization in Ontario

Client: Hoffmann-La Roche Limited

Project ID: P2017-019 / 2018 0970 100 000

Research Question/Objectives: Breast cancer is responsible for over one quarter of all new cancer cases among Canadian women. Second to lung cancer, it is the most common cause of cancer death in females and is responsible for almost 137,000 potential life years lost. In the first year after diagnosis average direct healthcare costs in Ontario are estimated at almost $21,000 (2009 CAD) per patient and lifetime total direct healthcare costs in Canada are over $300M. Despite the significant clinical and economic burden, recent research studies of the epidemiology, treatment patterns and healthcare utilization of women with breast cancer in Ontario are limited and do not provide information specific to patient characteristics such as biomarker status (HER2+/-, HR+/-) and TNM staging at diagnosis. The purpose of this study will be to investigate the incidence of breast cancer among women in Ontario and the impact of patient baseline characteristics on patterns of care, clinical outcomes and healthcare utilization. Specifically, the research objectives of interest are:

  • To determine the epidemiology, treatment patterns and healthcare resource utilization for women diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • To identify a cohort of incident breast cancer patients and understand their characteristics at diagnosis (e.g. age, disease stage, nodal status, HER2 status, hormone receptor status).
  • To describe patterns of care and clinical outcomes in the cohort.
  • To determine healthcare resource utilization by disease subtype.
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