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Cancer Surgery in Ontario


Cancer surgery is dispersed throughout the province, offered in teaching and community hospitals, in both low-volume and high-volume institutions. Better coordination may lead to greater efficiencies and more importantly, better patient outcomes. The challenge surrounding the delivery of cancer surgery appears to be not in its availability, but in the assurance that geographical advantages are matched with appropriate local skill sets.

This research atlas provides important information for the regional integration and rationalization of cancer services. The data is invaluable in highlighting inter- and intra-regional discrepancies in access to cancer surgical services. It offers another set of guideposts to facilitate surgical oncology services what will balance quality, access and efficiency of care for Ontario’s cancer patients.

This research atlas is not available in electronic format and is out of print. Reference copies may be available through a health science/medical library.



Iscoe NA, To T, Gort EH, Tran M. April 1997

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