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The probability of diabetes and hypertension by levels of neighborhood walkability and traffic-related air pollution across 15 municipalities in Southern Ontario, Canada: a dataset derived from 2,496,458 community dwelling-adults


Individuals’ risk for cardiovascular disease is shaped by lifestyle factors such as participation in physical activity. Some studies have suggested that rates of physical activity may be higher in walkable neighborhoods that are more supportive of engaging in physical activity in daily life. However, walkable neighborhoods may also contain increased levels of traffic-related air pollution (TRAP). Traffic-related air pollution, often measured through a surrogate marker (e.g. NO2) has been associated cardiovascular disease risk and risk factors. The higher levels of TRAP in walkable neighborhoods may in turn increase the likelihood of developing conditions like hypertension and diabetes. Our recent work assessed how walkability and TRAP jointly affect the odds of diabetes and hypertension in a sample of community-dwelling adults from Southern Ontario, Canada. This article contains additional data on the probability and odds of hypertension and diabetes among different populations according to their walkability and TRAP exposures. Data on cardiovascular risk factors were collected using health administrative databases and environmental exposures were assessed using national land use regression models predicting ground level concentrations of NO2 and validated walkability indices. The included data were generated using logistic regression accounting for exposures, covariates, and neighborhood clustering. These data may be used as primary data in future health risk assessments and systematic reviews, or to aid in the design of studies examining interactions between built environment and TRAP exposures (e.g. sample size calculations).



Howell NA, Tu JV, Moineddin R, Chen H, Chu A, Hystad P, Booth GL. Data Brief. 2019; 27:104439. Epub 2019 Aug 28.

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