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Making informed CHOICES: the launch of a big data pragmatic trial to improve cholesterol management and prevent heart disease in Ontario


Cholesterol-lowering statin medications are a safe and effective therapy to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular events. Yet physician prescribing patterns and patient adherence remain suboptimal in Canada and the United States, often due to pervasive misconceptions. The Community Heart Outcomes Improvement and Cholesterol Education Study (CHOICES) is a pragmatic, registry-based, cluster randomized controlled trial that aims to improve cholesterol management through appropriate statin use in adults and to ultimately reduce cardiovascular events in high-risk communities across Ontario. The trial uses an innovative, multicomponent intervention and implementation approach that includes audit and feedback reports for family physicians and educational materials and tools for patients.



Ferreira-Legere L, Chu A, Rashid M, Sivaswamy A, O'Neill T, Marquez C, Baddeliyanage R, Straus S, Udell JA. Healthc Q. 2020; 22(4):6-9. Epub 2020 Jan 1.

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