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Incidence of cirrhosis among recent immigrants and refugees to Ontario, Canada


The epidemiology of cirrhosis among immigrants to North America has not been described. Using population-level data from Ontario, Canada, recent immigrant and refugees with incident cirrhosis were identified and stratified by World Bank region of origin and cirrhosis etiology. Incidence rates were described based on region of origin and etiology and compared to Canadian-born/long term residents. N=25,054 immigrants/refugees were identified with rates of cirrhosis lower compared to Canadian/long-term residents for all etiologies expect HBV likely explained by the health immigrant effect. NAFLD was the most common etiology of cirrhosis among immigrants and refugees.



Sayed N, Selzner N, Djerboua M, Muaddi H, Neves P, Flemming J. Am J Gastroenterol. 2023; 118(7):1289-92. Epub 2023 Feb 8.

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