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ICES: Data, Discovery, Better Health


ICES was founded in 1992 to study the healthcare system and promote effective, efficient and equitable healthcare. Over 27 years later, the goal remains largely unchanged, though the institute has grown in size and impact. Created as an independent not-for-profit research institute and given what was, at the time, unprecedented access to administrative health data records for the population of Ontario, ICES’ initial focus was to better understand the delivery of hospital services and translate its findings into better healthcare and policy. From modest beginnings with a handful of researchers located in a few hospital offices, ICES has grown to encompass a community of almost 500 scientists and staff across a network of seven physical sites in Ontario. The original focus on hospital-based services has expanded significantly and now includes research and analysis of community-based health services, health policy, Indigenous health, social determinants of health, and data science.



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