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CCORT/CCS quality indicators for congestive heart failure care


Background — Quality indicators are measurement tools for assessing the structure, processes and outcomes of care. Although quality indicators have been developed in other countries, Canadian cardiovascular disease indicators do not exist.

Objective — To develop quality indicators for measuring and improving congestive heart failure (CHF) care in Canada.

Methods — An 11-member multidisciplinary national expert panel was selected from nominees from national medical organizations. Potential quality indicators were identified by a detailed search of published guidelines, randomized trials and outcomes studies. A two-step modified Delphi process was employed with an initial screening round of indicator ratings, followed by a national quality indicator panel meeting, where definitions of the indicators were developed using consensus methods. Indicators were designed to be measurable, using retrospective chart review and linking existing administrative databases.

Results — The case definition criterion was developed based on a discharge diagnosis of CHF (International Classification of Diseases, 9th revision [ICD-9] code 428.x), with diagnostic confirmation using clinical criteria. In total, 29 indicators and five test indicators were recommended. Process indicators included prescription for angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, beta-blockers or warfarin (for atrial fibrillation) at hospital discharge. Nonpharmacological in hospital process indicators included evaluation of left ventricular function, weight measurement and selected patient education counselling instructions. Process indicators in the ambulatory setting included prescription and adherence to drug therapies and physician follow-up. Outcome indicators included mortality, readmissions and emergency visits.

Conclusions — A set of Canadian quality indicators for CHF care encompassing organizational attributes, pharmacotherapy, investigations, counselling, continuity of care and disease outcomes has been developed. These quality indicators will serve as a foundation for future studies evaluating the quality of CHF care in Canada.



Lee DS, Tran C, Flintoft V, Grant FC, Liu PP, Tu JV; Canadian Cardiovascular Outcomes Research Team/Canadian Cardiovascular Society Heart Failure Quality Indicator Panel. Can J Cardiol. 2003; 19(4):357-64.

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