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ICES secures renewed five-year funding commitment from the Ontario Ministry of Health


Toronto, ON, May 1, 2024ICES is pleased to announce the renewal of its core agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Health which will provide $95 million in funding over the next five years. This marks over three decades of sustained support from the Ministry, highlighting ICES’ indispensable role and commitment to innovation, impact, and data stewardship.

The Ministry’s decision to renew its funding underscores ICES’ pivotal role as trusted data stewards dedicated to upholding the privacy, security, and confidentiality of healthcare data.  

Dr. Michael Schull, CEO of ICES, expressed gratitude for the funding renewal, stating, “We are truly grateful for this ongoing partnership with the Ontario government. It will allow ICES to continue the important work of improving health and healthcare for everyone through data that are foundational to our world-leading research and analytics.”  

The renewed funding will empower ICES to further advance Ministry priorities by enhancing its capacity to deliver high-quality research and analytics, evaluation, and access to data. It will ensure ICES maintains strong privacy and security safeguards. This investment will not only bolster ICES’ capabilities but will also contribute to the broader goal of improving health and healthcare for everyone. 

At the heart of ICES’ success lies its dedicated team of scientists, staff, students, and trainees across our seven sites, guided by the leadership of our Board of Directors, Public Advisory Council and Scientific Advisory Committee. These are the people behind the data who make a difference. 

As we look forward to the next five years, we are excited to continue building and strengthening partnerships that position us to deliver on our strategic priorities. With the support of the Ontario Ministry of Health, ICES is primed to look beyond the numbers and focus on the tangible aspects of our data, research, and analytics on people and communities.


Misty Pratt
Senior Communications Associate, ICES
[email protected] 613-882-7065