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A research program to evaluate the benefits of low dose cardiovascular medications: optimizing prescribing for older women

Clark JP, Dasgupta M, Rochon PA. Mature Med Can. 1998; 1(3):28-29.

Developing strategies to optimize prescribing for seniors is important because prescription drug expenditures for this group are increasing at a faster rate than any other Canadian health care cost. While seniors represent only 12% of the they receive up to 40% of all medications prescribed, amounting to an average of five medications daily. In addition, older people are vulnerable to adverse drug effects which can be dangerous and costly. Medication problems account for up to 28% of hospital admissions for patients over 50,4 up to 70% of which are due to adverse drug reaction. In the U.S., the annual cost of drug-related morbidity and mortality in the ambulatory setting is estimated at 76.6 billion dollars. Therefore, drug-related morbidity and mortality represents a serious though largely preventable medical problem.

Keywords: Drugs (cardiovascular) Women’s health