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Amit Garg

Senior Core Scientist
Site Director and Program Lead

ICES Affiliation
  • ICES Western
  • Kidney, Dialysis & Transplantation Research Program



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  • PhD, Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics, McMaster University
  • FACP, Nephrologist, Western University
  • FRCPC, Internal Medicine, McMaster University
  • MA, Medical Education, University of Toronto (OISE)
  • MD, University of Toronto

Research Focus

  • Kidney and urinary tract disorders
  • Chronic diseases and conditions
  • Decision support tools/systems
  • Drug interactions
  • Evidence-based medicine

Other Affiliations

  • Professor, Medicine, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Western University
  • Part-time Professor, Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics, McMaster University
  • Director, Living Kidney Donation, London Health Sciences Centre
  • Dr. Adam Linton Chair in Kidney Health Analytics, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University
  • Provincial Medical Lead, Ontario Renal Network

Recent ICES Grants

Recent Awards & Recognition

  • American Society of Nephrology Young Investigator Award

    2016: Awarded to Dr. Amit Garg. Every year, the Young Investigator Award is presented to one individual 45 years of age or younger “with an outstanding record of achievement and creativity in basic or patient-oriented research related to the functions and diseases of the kidney.”

  • US National Kidney Foundation International Distinguished Medal

    2015: Awarded to Dr. Amit Garg. The medal honours the achievement of individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of kidney disease and extended the goals of the National Kidney Foundation. The foundation president presents medals each year to recognize the accomplishments of individuals through their clinical work, roles in academia, scientific discoveries or volunteer work in organizations similar to the foundation.

Recent ICES Publications

Conversion of urine protein–creatinine ratio or urine dipstick protein to urine albumin–creatinine ratio for use in chronic kidney disease screening and prognosis: an individual participant-based meta-analysis

Sumida K, Nadkarni GN, Grams ME, Sang Y, Ballew SH, Coresh J, Matsushita K, Surapaneni A, Brunskill N, Chadban SJ, Chang AR, Cirillo M, Daratha KB, Gansevoort RT, Garg AX, Iacoviello L, Kayama T, Konta T, Kovesdy CP, Lash J, Lee BJ, Major RW, Metzger M, Miura K, Naimark DMJ, Nelson RG, Sawhney S, Stempniewicz N, Tang M, Townsend RR, Traynor JP, Valdivielso JM, Wetzels J, Polkinghorne KR, Heerspink HJL. Ann Intern Med. 2020; Jul 14 [Epub ahead of print]. DOI:

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