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Understanding the differentiated thyroid cancer patient population in Ontario

Client: IQVIA Solutions Canada Inc.

Project ID: P2021-096 / 2021 0970 290 000

Research Question/Objectives: DTC is a typically an indolent cancer with standard therapies including thyroidectomy and radioactive iodine therapy that can result in disease remission. However, a small proportion of DTC patients are high-risk and may eventually require additional therapy. The emergence of new systemic therapies (e.g., tyrosine kinase inhibiitors) provides treatment options for these patients. However, the epidemiology and population burden regarding DTC is not well understood, especially as the disease progresses. The proposed study looks to better understand the DTC patient journey.

Research objectives:

  • Identify DTC patients and their distribution by disease progression within the administrative data held at ICES.
  • Describe the characteristics of these cancer patients in Ontario, including: Incidence (i.e., new patients); Prevalence (i.e. existing patients); and Demographic and clinical characteristics.


  • June 2023