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Characterizing regional differences in COPD and its burden across Canada: a COPD heatmap

Client: AstraZeneca

Project ID: P2021-097 / 2023 0970 331 000

Research Question/Objectives: The purpose of this study is to characterize regional variations in COPD burden and understand what factors are contributing to these regional differences. The existing evidence is limited and outdated, and this study will help to provide insight into recent trends and how health system changes have impacted COPD management overall.

Further, an examination of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on COPD burden will also be described. It is anticipated that findings from this study will be utilized to inform initiatives aimed at improving care for patients with COPD.

Research objectives:

  • Describe regional variations in the care and burden of COPD across Canada.
  • Examine impact of within-province regional differences on hospitalizations and mortality for those with COPD.
  • Characterize regional variations in costs associated with healthcare resource.
  • Examine impact of COVID-19 on COPD burden.


  • In progress