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Health care delivery in Canada and the United States: Are there relevant differences in health care outcomes?
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  • Year: 1999

Health Care Delivery in Canada and the United States: Are There Relevant Differences in Health Care Outcomes?

Szick S, Angus D, Nichol G, Harrison M, Page J, Moher D. June 1999

Almost four decades ago, Canada and the United States had very similar health care systems. Now, the Canadian system is primarily publicly funded and the American system is predominantly privately funded. The question of whether the health outcomes of patients  in the two systems are equivalent is investigated in this report through a systematic review of 18 relevant studies.

As Canada’s current health care environment is impacted by resource constraints, restructuring of health services and an aging population, this investigation focuses on potential implications for future health care programming and policy at the individual and population levels.

Keywords: Health care delivery Treatment outcomes International health policy

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