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We’ve changed our name and logo!

After more than 25 years, the work of the institute has outgrown the old name, the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences. We do much more than clinical research today, and are expanding with new types of data, new partnerships and new analytic methods. Yet the former acronym, ICES, is well known and has great brand equity. Retaining those letters as our full name, but changing the pronunciation, is the way we’ve chosen to celebrate our past while also marking a new era for the institute.

IC/ES The slash appears only in our logo. In text, our name is simply ICES — no slash.

We are ICES – pronounced as letters: “eye – see – ee – ess”.

We are Ontario’s independent, non-profit, world-leading research organization that uses population-based health and social data to produce knowledge on a broad range of health care issues.

As part of our brand modernization – and as we grow our audiences beyond those that know us – we’ve introduced a slightly refreshed logo that you’ll see reflected in our signage, our materials and presentations, and on our web properties and social media.

With the new logo, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s very familiar. We weren’t looking for a dramatic change. People have been associating our reputation for research excellence with the core logo for a few years now and we wanted to build on that positive association, not entirely disrupt it.

The next thing you’ll notice is the slash – an essential character in big data analysis and computer science. The slash visually breaks what formerly might look like a word, and encourages people to say each letter. This is important for those that are just becoming familiar with us.

For those that do know us and our previous logo, the slash catches the eye …a cue that something is different, evolved….a signal to take a fresh look at ICES and the innovative work we’re doing.