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Kristin Clemens

Adjunct Scientist (Full Status)

ICES Affiliation
  • ICES Western
  • Kidney, Dialysis & Transplantation Research Program

519-646-6100 Ext. 66316


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  • MSc, Epidemiology, Western University
  • MD, Western University
  • BSc, Biology, Western University

Research Focus

  • Endocrine and metabolic disorders
  • Outcomes research
  • Drug prescribing behaviour
  • Kidney and urinary tract disorders
  • Health services research

Other Affiliations

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Western University
  • Clinical Faculty, St. Joseph's Health Care/London Health Sciences Centre

Recent ICES Grants

  • Climate change-related health inequalities in Canada: how do hot temperatures affect vulnerable groups living in large urban centers?

    Principal investigators: Clemens KK, Gunz AC, Lavigne E, Vicedo-Cabrera AM, Wilk P
    Co-investigators: Ali S, Johnson M, Luginaah IN, Oiamo TH, Osornio-Vargas AR, Shariff S, Sheffield P, Voogt J, Weinberger KR

    Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Project Grant
    2020-2024; $489,600
  • Innovative pragmatic cluster-randomized registry trials to improve hemodialysis care

    Principal investigators: Blake PG, Bohm C, Cote BB, Garg A, Lacson Jr. E, Levin A, Silver S, Tonelli M, Vorster AH
    Co-investigators: Bennett LL, Field B, Fontaine GJ, Kalatharan S, Kalatharan V, Waldvogel BJ, Acedillo R, Al-Jaishi A, Antonsen J, Basile E, Battistella M, Berry D, Brown PA, Chan CT, Chanda V, Terri; Clemens, Kristin K; Collister, David; Dember, Laura M; Devereaux, Philip J; Dev, Dixon SN, Elliott M, Getchell L, Grimshaw JM, Harel Z, Harris C, Harrison T, Hundemer G, Jardine M, Kiaii M, Kitchlu A, Klar N, MacKay DS, Macrae JM, Molnar A, Muanda F, Nash DM, Oliver MJ, Pandeya S, Perkins DN, Presseau J, Quinn K, Roshanov P, Schorr M, Shah N, Sontrop JM, Sood MM, Taljaard M, Tangri N, Tascona D, Wadehra D, Wald R, Walsh MW, Wodchis WP, Young A, Zacharias JM, Zwarenstein MF

    Canadian Institutes of Health Research, SPOR Innovative Clinical Trial Multi-Year Grant
    2019-2023; $2,817,233
  • Filling knowledge gaps for the success of Ontario Renal Plan 3

    Principal investigator: Beaucage MB, Chanchlani R, Clark EG, Clemens KK, Coghlan C, Dixon SN, Field B, ; Harel Z, Jain AK, Molnar A, Silver S, Sood MM, Weir MA, Zappitelli M
    Co-investigators: Al-Jaishi A, Bhasin AA, Blake PG, Garg A, Harvey-Rioux L, Kitchlu A,  Knoll G, Kurdyak PA, Muanda F, Nash DM, Naylor K, Nesrallah G, Oliver MJ, Ordon M, Paterson M, Perl J, Roshanov P, Wald R, Walsh MW, Welk BK, Young A
    Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Project Grant
    2019-2020; $100,000

Recent Awards & Recognition

  • Data Impact Challenge II Team Award

    2016: Awarded to Team Western, including Dr. Kristin Clemens for the best answer to the question "To what extent does re-prescribing and re-dispensing of culprit drugs contribute to the burden of adverse drug events presenting to Canadian hospitals?" and the Judges Choice Award.

  • Physicians Services Incorporated (PSI) Foundation Resident Research Prize

    2014: Awarded to Dr. Kristin Clemens for her paper “The hypoglycemic risk of Glyburide (Glibenclamide) compared with modified release Gliclazide: a population-based cohort study”. This prize is given each year by the PSI Foundation to encourage scholarly inquiry in residency programs.

Recent ICES Publications