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Mehran Anvari

Adjunct Scientist (Full Status)

ICES Affiliation
  • ICES McMaster
  • Chronic Disease & Pharmacotherapy Research Program



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  • PhD, University of Adelaide, Australia
  • FRCSC, Surgery, McMaster University
  • MBBS, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

Research Focus

  • Outcomes research
  • Surgery
  • Patient safety
  • Gastrointestinal disorders

Other Affiliations

  • Professor, Department of Surgery, McMaster University
  • Research Chair, Minimally Invasive Surgery and Surgical Innovation, McMaster University
  • Director, Centre for Minimal Access Surgery, McMaster University
  • Scientific Director and CEO, Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation, NCE Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research

Recent ICES Grants

Recent Awards & Recognition

  • Order of Canada

    2021: Dr. Mehran Anvari was named an Officer of the Order of Canada for his exemplary leadership in the innovative field of telerobotic surgery.

  • Order of Ontario

    2016: Dr. Mehran Anvari was appointed to the Order of Ontario for his contributions to the field of robotic surgery.

  • International Space Station (ISS) R & D Award

    2015: Dr. Mehran Anvari was awarded the International Space Station (ISS) R & D Award by NASA for his work in applying robotic technology from the International Space Station to detection and treatment of breast cancer.

Recent ICES Publications