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KDT Thematic Groups

The Kidney, Dialysis and Transplantation Research Program at ICES supports several thematic groups that explore aspects of kidney disease and kidney health in Ontario. The groups and their aims are presented below.

SHIELD: Stroke and Hemorrhage in Renal Disease

To study major hemorrhage and ischemic stroke outcomes in individuals at all stages of chronic kidney disease including kidney transplant patients. Our projects examine the secular trends of these outcomes in dialysis and transplant patients and the hemorrhage risk by chronic kidney disease stage.

DTRIG: Donation and Transplantation Research Interest Group

To increase deceased organ donation and consent and improve outcomes for solid organ transplant recipients.

Read the 2016 DTRIG newsletter (PDF)


To investigate the safety and effectiveness of medications in older patients with kidney impairment. This includes (but is not limited to) inappropriate drug dosing, drug-drug interactions or an investigation of drug dialyzability for those patients with reduced kidney function.

LKD: Living Kidney Donors

To assess potentially increased risk of certain adverse events of living kidney donors as compared to similarly healthy non-donors in the population of Ontario.

DOD: Deceased Organ Donation

To investigate issues related to deceased organ donation, focusing on increasing organ donor registration and consent.

CKD: Quality of Care

To investigate how to improve care for patients with chronic kidney disease. This includes determining appropriate quality of care indicators, the current status of care for patients with chronic kidney disease in Ontario, reasons for sub-optimal care, and methods for improving care.

Vascular Access

To guide the direction of healthcare services for key stakeholders in vascular access care. Our goal is to achieve a functioning, complication-free vascular access for each patient.

Non-Drug AKI: Acute Kidney Injury

To prevent acute kidney injury by identifying specific non-drug related causes and at-risk groups, and to provide better management for patients with acute kidney injury to reduce further morbidity and mortality.

Dialysis: Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis

To conduct studies focused on patients receiving dialysis. This includes studies to evaluate different dialysis modalities, common adverse events, changing risks across dialysis facilities, and feasibility studies to help conduct clinical trials using the administrative databases.