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ICES scientists have a successful track record of peer-reviewed research grant awards. Recent ICES Scientists grant highlights include:

Showing Grants for ICES uOttawa

  • Transforming CBPHC delivery through comprehensive performance measurement and reporting

    Principal investigators: Burge F, Wong S, Haggerty J, Hogg W
    Co-investigators: Abbott J, Davidson H, Lee V, Rey M, Roumeliotis P, Salois R, Sanmartin C, Scott C, Tipper B, Veillard J, Abelson J, Campbell J, El Emam K, Glazier R, Johnston S, Katz A, Levesque JF, McGrail K, Wodchis W, Ammi M, Martin-Misener R.

    Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Team Grant
    2013-2018; $2,486,401