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ICES scientists have a successful track record of peer-reviewed research grant awards. Recent ICES Scientists grant highlights include:

  • Enhanced CARE for RARE genetic diseases in Canada

    Principal investigators: Boycott K, MacKenzie A
    Co-investigator: Benchimol E

    Genome Canada, Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition
    2013-2017; $11,778,890
  • What should we be telling patients about the risk of stroke and carotid vascular disease after radiation treatment for squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck?

    Principal investigator: Hall S
    Co-investigator: Zaza K

    Queen's Department of Oncology KGH Foundation Interdisciplinary Cancer Research Grant and Clinical Training Award, Queen’s Department of Oncology Interdisciplinary Cancer Research Grant Competition
    2013-2014; $9,095
  • Advancing primary healthcare for persons living with HIV in Canada

    Principal investigators: Ashgari S, Becker M, Caetano P, Kaposy C, Kendall C, Liddy C, McGee F, Rourke S
    Co-investigators: Allison J, Antoniou T, Arbess G, Bacon J, Bayoumi A, Burchell A, Burt K, Carnochan T, Christie T, Collins K, Farrell G, Glazier R, Guenter D, Hogg W, Ireland L, Johnston S, Keely E, Kelly D, Kerr J, Kitson C, Kovacs C, Loutfy M, Lundigran P, Manuel D, Marshall Z, McLaren M, Moore L, Mugford G, Muggah E, Pinto A, Pottie K, Raboud J, Rachlis A, Rosenes R, Schulz C, Sorensen T, Taljaard M, Tyndall M, Wilson M, Yu B

    Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Team Grant
    2013-2018; $2,498,494
  • Patient-centred innovations for persons with multimorbidity (PACE in MM)

    Principal investigators: Stewart M, Fortin M
    Co-investigators: Bélanger M, Bhattacharyya O, Boivin A, Borgès Da Silva R, Brown JB, Chouinard M-C, Emond V, Gallagher F, Glazier RH, Hogg WE, Katz A, Loignon C, Piccinini-Vallis H, Reichert S, Sampalli T, Sussman J, Thind A, Wodchis WP, Wong ST, Zwarenstein MF, Couture M, Huras PW

    Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Team Grant: Transformative community-based primary health care signature initiative
    2013-2020; $2,500,000
  • Transforming CBPHC delivery through comprehensive performance measurement and reporting

    Principal investigators: Burge F, Wong S, Haggerty J, Hogg W
    Co-investigators: Abbott J, Davidson H, Lee V, Rey M, Roumeliotis P, Salois R, Sanmartin C, Scott C, Tipper B, Veillard J, Abelson J, Campbell J, El Emam K, Glazier R, Johnston S, Katz A, Levesque JF, McGrail K, Wodchis W, Ammi M, Martin-Misener R.

    Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Team Grant
    2013-2018; $2,486,401