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Research Videos

ICES research videos feature our scientists or explainer animations outlining highlights of recent studies that use our robust data holdings and linkages to make policy better, health care stronger and people healthier.

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Jack Tu video screencapture

Dr. Jack Tu discusses his new big data study which examined 20-year trends in atherosclerotic disease Ontario-wide.

Tara Kiran

A new study led by Dr. Tara Kiran shows that patients who do not belong to an organized primary care practice receive lower quality care.


Dr. Claire de Oliveira discusses her study which estimated the phase-specific, 5-year and lifetime net costs for the 21 most prevalent cancers.

Astrid Guttmann

Dr. Astrid Guttmann discusses her study which shows that most babies are not receiving the jaundice screening recommended by the Canadian Paediatric Society.

Natalie Coburn

Dr. Natalie Coburn discusses her study which showed that Ontario patients being treated for gastric cancer receive different care depending on where they live.

Chaim Bell

Dr. Chaim Bell discusses his study which shows that a hospital supportive-care visit from a primary care physician resulted in lower risks of adverse patient outcomes.

Doug Manuel

Dr. Doug Manuel discusses his report which found that unhealthy behaviours and socioeconomic barriers together contribute to 37 per cent of Ontario’s health care costs.

Tara Gomes

Tara Gomes discusses a report which finds there is variation in the use of adult ADHD medications across Canada and some of the drugs can be difficult to access.

Don Redelmeier

Dr. Don Redelmeier discusses his study that looks at the link between concussions and suicide risk.

Sacha Bhatia

Dr. Sacha Bhatia speaks about his study regarding unnecessary blood tests prior to low-risk surgery.