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  • November 2019

    • Association between neighborhood walkability and predicted 10-year cardiovascular disease risk: the Cardiovascular Health in Ambulatory Care Research Team (CANHEART) cohort
    • Risk of involuntary admission among first-generation ethnic minority groups with early psychosis: a retrospective cohort study using health administrative data
    • Perinatal outcomes for untreated women with gestational diabetes by IADPSG criteria: a population-based study
    • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy-related sudden cardiac death in young people in Ontario
    Research Video
    • One-year home-time and mortality after thrombolysis compared with nontreated patients in a propensity-matched analysis
    ICES in the News
    • The uptake of the pharmacy-dispensed naloxone kit program in Ontario: A population-based study
    • An opioid prescription for men undergoing minor urologic surgery is associated with an increased risk of new persistent opioid use
    • Clinical effectiveness of cardiac noninvasive diagnostic testing in patients discharged from the emergency department for chest pain
    • Uptake of colorectal cancer screening by physicians is associated with greater uptake by their patients
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    • 90-90-90 for everyone? Access to HIV care and treatment for people with HIV who experience imprisonment in Ontario, Canada
    • Association between angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers, and suicide
    • Potential impact of changes in administrative database coding methodology on research and policy decisions: an example from the Ontario Health Insurance Plan
    • Pitfalls in measuring temporal trends for late diagnosis of viral hepatitis
    • Incremental healthcare utilisation and costs among new senior high-cost users in Ontario, Canada: a retrospective matched cohort study
    • Identifying Ontario geographic regions to assess adults who present to hospital with laboratory-defined conditions: a descriptive study
    • Inequity in access to transcatheter aortic valve replacement: a pan-Canadian evaluation of wait-times
  • Maternal and newborn outcomes among women with schizophrenia: a retrospective population-based cohort study

    Vigod SN, Kurdyak PA, Dennis CL, Gruneir A, Newman A, Seeman MV, Rochon PA, Anderson GM, Grigoriadis S, Ray JG. BJOG. 2014; 121(5):566-74.

  • Perinatal health of women with intellectual and developmental disabilities and comorbid mental illness

    Brown HK, Cobigo V, Lunsky Y, Dennis CL, Vigod S. Can J Psychiatry. 2016; 61(11):714-23. Epub 2016 May 5.

  • Preeclampsia as a risk factor for diabetes: a population-based cohort study

    Feig DS, Shah BR, Lipscombe LL, Wu CF, Ray JG, Lowe J, Hwee J, Booth Gl. PLoS Med. 2013; 10(4):e1001425. Epub 2013 Apr 16.

  • Evaluating the clinical effect of female blood donors of child-bearing age on maternal and neonatal outcomes: a cohort study

    Chassé M, Tinmouth A, Goldman M, O’Brien S, Hawken S, Murphy M, Walker M, Sprague AE, Wilson K, van Walraven C, Fergusson DA. Transfus Med Rev. 2019; Dec 2 [Epub ahead of print]. DOI: