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Home care utilization and costs in stage IV lung cancer: a Canadian public payer experience

Mittmann N, Seung SJ, Liu N, Porter J, Leighl N, Trudeau M, Evans WK, Earle C. Lung Cancer Manag. 2014; 3(6):439-42.

Background — Lung cancer (LC) is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality and there is limited information on the type, quantity and cost of home care services (HCS) for LC.

Aim — The objectives of this study include: identifying a stage IV LC cohort; determining the utilization and costs of HCS for the stage IV LC cohort; and comparing HCS utilization and costs by phase of disease.

Methods — New cases of stage IV LC were extracted from a provincial cancer registry and linked to administrative datasets. HCS utilization and costs (2009 Canadian dollars [CAD]) for stage IV cases were determined from a public payer perspective and by disease phase.

Results — There are 4616 stage IV LC patients who used HCS. The mean number of HCS visits per 30 days was 7.7 and the mean cost per 30 days was CAD$798 for terminal-phase patients.

Conclusion — HCS costs for stage IV patients are less expensive than other health resources.

Keywords: Lung cancer Health care services Health care costs