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  • Year: 2019

Addressing Gaps in the Health Care Services Used by Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Ontario

Lin E, Balogh RS, Durbin A, Holder L, Gupta N, Volpe T, Isaacs BJ, Weiss JA, Lunsky Y. February 2019.

This report is an initiative of Health Care Access Research and Developmental Disabilities (H-CARDD), an Ontario-based research program that aims to enhance the overall health and well-being of individuals with developmental disabilities through improved health care policy and services.

Building on previous work by H-CARDD, the report takes an integrated, cross-sectoral approach to further study how adults with developmental disabilities differ from other adults in Ontario with regard to five key outcomes: 30-day repeat emergency department visits, 30-day repeat hospitalizations, alternate level of care, long-term care and premature mortality.

The five outcomes are examined by age group, sex, neighbourhood income level and type of developmental disability, as well as by planning regions of the province’s health and community services sectors. Recommendations that can enhance policy, practice and intersectoral planning for each of the five outcomes are included.

People with developmental disabilities fare worse in the health system across multiple indicators
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