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  • Copyright: ICES
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  • Year: 2012

Hospital Care For All: An Equity Report on Differences in Household Income Among Patients at Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (TC LHIN) Hospitals, 2008-2010

Murphy K, Glazier R, Wang X, Holton E, Fazli G, Ho M. May 2012

Understanding the socioeconomic status of patients is an essential step toward ensuring that hospitals in Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (TC LHIN) provide excellent care for all patients, regardless of who they are, where they come from, where they live or what they earn.

The Centre for Research on Inner City Health and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, in collaboration with the Hospital Collaborative on Marginalized and Vulnerable Populations, produced this report to establish standardized, baseline evidence about the socioeconomic status of patients receiving care in TC LHIN hospitals.

This evidence will enable many hospitals and health care stakeholders in the TC LHIN to see the socioeconomic profile of patients for the first time. It provides an empirical basis for planning, implementing and evaluating equity-focused health care services within and across hospitals.

Keywords: Social determinants of health Equity in health care