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At a Glance

At a Glance is a monthly e-newsletter highlighting key findings of recent ICES research. At a Glance was redesigned in April 2016 to better share our work visually through infographics, videos and news stories. Subscribe to At a Glance.

  • December 2017

    • Supply of Ontario physicians providing comprehensive care lower than thought
    • Highlighting our data partnership with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada: A population-based study of postpartum mental health service use by immigrant women in Ontario, Canada
    • Highlighting our data partnership with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada: Impact of immigration status on cancer outcomes in Ontario, Canada
    ICES research video series
    • Laura Rosella on creating a new population risk tool for predicting high-cost users of health care
    ICES in the News
    • Cardiovascular and neuropsychiatric events following varenicline use for smoking cessation
    • Financial incentives did not increase psychiatric follow-up care
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    • The role of mental health and addiction among high-cost patients: a population-based study
    • Association of atrial fibrillation and oral anticoagulant use with perioperative outcomes after major noncardiac surgery
    • Melanoma patterns of care in Ontario: a call for a strategic alignment of multidisciplinary care
    • The relationship between cardiologist care and clinical outcomes in patients with new-onset atrial fibrillation
    • Population-based study to determine the health system costs of using the 21-gene assay
    • Perioperative chemotherapy for bladder cancer in the general population: Are practice patterns finally changing?
    • Does access to end-of-life homecare nursing differ by province and community size? 
    • Using newborn screening analytes to identify cases of neonatal sepsis
  • November 2017

    Call for abstracts: IPDLN 2018 Conference
    • Two-thirds of children with concussions not receiving medical follow-ups
    • People with developmental disabilities and mental illness have twice the risk of hospital readmissions
    • Inhaled corticosteroids do not increase risk of fracture in children with asthma
    • People with mental illness or addictions have higher health care needs and costs
    ICES in the News
    • Hip fracture surgery after more than 24 hours associated with increased risk of death and other complications
    • Direct medical costs of motorcycle crashes in Ontario
    • Flu vaccine prevents hospitalization in children
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    • Big data and population health: focusing on the health impacts of the social, physical, and economic environment
    • Indigenous health data and the path to healing
    • Derivation and external validation of prediction models for advanced chronic kidney disease following acute kidney injury
    • Ethnic differences in mental health and race-based data collection
    • Predicting psychiatric readmission: sex-specific models to predict 30-day readmission following acute psychiatric hospitalization
    • The medical care of male and female youth who die by suicide: a population-based case control study
    • Mortality in infants affected by preterm birth and severe small-for-gestational age birth weight
    • Increased coronary heart disease and stroke hospitalisations from ambient temperatures in Ontario
    • Changes in the dispensing of opioid medications in Canada following the introduction of a tamper-deterrent formulation of long-acting oxycodone
    • Variations in use of optimal medical therapy in patients with nonobstructive coronary artery disease

  • October 2017

    • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Ontario
    • Impact of pneumococcal vaccination on pneumonia hospitalizations and related costs in Ontario
    • Gabapentin, opioids and the risk of opioid-related death

    ICES Research Video
    • Natasha Saunders on study showing one-third lower risk of suicide or self-harm among immigrant children and youth
    ICES in the News
    • Antipsychotics common for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities
    • Association between immigrant status and end-of-life care in Ontario, Canada
    • Effectiveness of a financial incentive to physicians for timely follow-up after hospital discharge
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    • Impact of restricting diagnostic imaging reimbursement for uncomplicated low back pain in Ontario: a population-based interrupted time series analysis
    • Temporal trends in cardiovascular disease risk factor profiles in a population-based schizophrenia sample: a repeat cross-sectional study
    • Comparative safety of direct oral anticoagulants and warfarin in venous thromboembolism: multicentre, population based, observational study
    • False-positive newborn screening for cystic fibrosis and health care use
    • Economic impact of subsequent depression in patients with a new diagnosis of stable angina: a population-based study
    • Are we Choosing Wisely in lymphoma? Excessive use of surveillance CT imaging in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) in long-term remission
    • Real-world health care utilization and effectiveness of omalizumab for the treatment of severe asthma
    • Effect of preoperative geriatric evaluation on outcomes after elective surgery: a population-based study
  • September 2017

    • Higher use of home care for Ontarians with intellectual and developmental disabilities
    • H1N1 infection increased risk of premature births for pregnant women with pre-existing medical conditions
    • The shrinking health advantage: unintentional injuries among children and youth from immigrant families
    • The risk of mycobacterial infections associated with inhaled corticosteroid use
    • Mental health services use trends in Canadian Veterans: a population-based retrospective cohort study in Ontario
    ICES in the News
    • Refugee children and youth at higher risk of unintentional injury compared with non-refugee immigrants
    • Ontarians with schizophrenia die eight years younger than those without
    • Half of young adults with autism have a psychiatric diagnosis
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    • The direct healthcare costs associated with psychological distress and major depression: a population-based cohort study in Ontario, Canada 
    • Low medical morbidity and mortality after acute courses of electroconvulsive therapy in a population-based sample
    • Performance of a postnatal metabolic gestational age algorithm: a retrospective validation study among ethnic subgroups in Canada
    • Performance of a postnatal metabolic gestational age algorithm: a retrospective validation study among ethnic subgroups in Canada
    • Has province-wide symptom screening changed opioid prescribing rates in older patients with cancer?
    • Cervical cancer screening among women from Muslim-majority countries in Ontario, Canada
    • Impact of injectable furosemide hospital shortage on congestive heart failure outcomes: a time series analysis
    • Estimating the prevalence of heterozygous familial hypercholesterolaemia: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  • August 2017

    • Prolonged standing on the job more likely to lead to heart attack than prolonged sitting
    • Antipsychotics common for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities
    ICES Research Video Series
    • Rinku Sutradhar on opioid use in long-term cancer survivors
    ICES in the News
    • 1 in 5 opioid-related deaths in Ontario involve alcohol
    • Toward Quality Mental Health Services in Canada: a comparison of performance indicators across five provinces
    • Behind the prescriptions: A snapshot of opioid use across all Ontarians
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    • Predictors of obtaining follow-up care in the province of Ontario, Canada, following a new diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, heart failure, and hypertension in the emergency department
    • The variation of statin use among nursing home residents and physicians: a cross-sectional analysis
    • Cost-effectiveness analysis of potentially curative and combination treatments for hepatocellular carcinoma with person-level data in a Canadian setting
    • Lithium use, but not valproate use, is associated with a higher risk of chronic kidney disease in older adults with mental illness
    • A cross-sectional population-based study of breast cancer screening among women with HIV in Ontario, Canada
    • Association between operator specialty and outcomes after carotid artery revascularization
    • Costs of health care across primary care models in Ontario
  • July 2017

    • Wide regional variation in Ontarians' access to family doctors
    • People living in rural households have lower risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease
    • Differences in growth of Canadian children compared to the WHO 2006 Child Growth Standards
    • Older and cheaper test for heart disease just as effective as newer tests
    ICES Research Video Series
    • Eva Grunfeld on primary care use during adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer
    ICES in the News
    • Electrocardiograms in low-risk patients undergoing an annual health examination
    • Long-term morbidity and mortality in patients without early complications after stroke or transient ischemic attack
    • Patterns of physician prescribing for opioid maintenance treatment in Ontario, Canada in 2014
    • The effect of changes in cervical cancer screening guidelines on chlamydia testing
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    • Outcomes associated with a pediatric clinical diabetes network in Ontario: a population-based time-trend analysis
    • TA population-based study of homicide deaths in Ontario, Canada using linked death records
    • Severe maternal morbidity associated with maternal birthplace: a population-based register study
    • Association of proteinuria and incident atrial fibrillation in patients with intact and reduced kidney function
    • A retrospective assessment of prognostication in 456,685 patients undergoing elective major non-cardiac surgery
    • Emergency department flow measures for adult and pediatric patients in British Columbia and Ontario: a retrospective, repeated cross-sectional study
    • Estimating multimorbidity prevalence with the Canadian Chronic Disease Surveillance System
  • June 2017

    • The Mental Health of Children and Youth in Ontario: 2017 Scorecard
    • Two-thirds of Ontario hip fracture procedures are performed after hours
    • Playlist: ICES Mental Health & Addictions Research Symposium 2017
    ICES in the News
    • A 1980 letter on the risk of opioid addiction
    • Ontario and LHIN 2015/16 Stroke Report Cards and Progress Reports: Setting the Bar Higher
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    • Influences on the start, selection and duration of treatment with antibiotics in long-term care facilities
    • The impact of opioid medications on subsequent fractures in discharged emergency department patients with peripheral vertigo
    • Impact of immigration status on cancer outcomes in Ontario, Canada
    • Implementation and utilisation of telepsychiatry in Ontario: a population-based study
    • Impact of the publication of appropriate use criteria on utilization rates of myocardial perfusion imaging studies in Ontario, Canada: a population-based study
    • Adverse cardiac events associated with incident opioid drug use among older adults with COPD
    • Critical care at the end of life: a population-level cohort study of cost and outcomes
  • May 2017

    • Emergency department as a first contact for mental health problems in children and youth
    • High rate of acute care use among people who use drugs
    • Low rate of cancer screening among transplant patients at heightened risk of cancer
    ICES in the News
    • Influence of environmental temperature on gestational diabetes risk
    • High rate of unnecessary antibiotic prescribing for seniors in Ontario
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    • Implementation and utilisation of telepsychiatry in Ontario: a population-based study
    • Population-based study to re-evaluate optimal lymph node yield in colonic cancer
    • Costs of cancer care in children and adolescents in Ontario, Canada
    • Trends in long-term mortality and morbidity in patients with no early complications after stroke and transient ischemic attack
    • Long-term outcomes of carotid endarterectomy versus stenting in a multicenter population-based Canadian study
    • Temporal trends in stroke incidence in South Asian, Chinese and white patients: a population based analysis
  • April 2017

    • Inflammatory bowel diseases on the rise in Canadian children
    • Low cancer screening rates among organ transplant patients in Ontario
    Research video
    • Baiju Shah on high thyroid cancer risk in Ontario immigrants from Southeast and East Asia
    ICES in the News
    • Two people a day die of opioid-related causes in Ontario
    • Many nursing home residents with dementia get medications of questionable benefit near the end of life
    • Where you live in Ontario could determine your risk of heart attack, stroke or dying of cardiovascular disease
    • No association between antidepressants during pregnancy and autism spectrum disorder in children
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    • Do people who experience incarceration age more quickly? Exploratory analyses using retrospective cohort data on mortality from Ontario, Canada
    • Mental health services claims and adult onset asthma in Ontario, Canada
    • Impact of a provincial quality-improvement program on primary health care in Ontario: a population-based controlled before-and-after study
    • The association of frailty with outcomes and resource use after emergency general surgery: a population-based cohort study
    • Level of need, divertibility, and outcomes of newly admitted nursing home residents
    • The Cardiovascular Health in Ambulatory Care Research Team performance indicators for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease: a modified Delphi panel study
  • March 2017

    • Use of medications of questionable benefit at the end of life in nursing home residents with advanced dementia
    • Risk of firearm injuries among children and youth of immigrant families
    • Early non-persistence with dabigatran and rivaroxaban in patients with atrial fibrillation
    Research video
    • Moira Kapral on risks of swallowing problems after stroke
    ICES in the News
    • Relationship between cardiac rehabilitation participation and health service expenditures within a universal health care system
    • Association of the timing of pregnancy with survival in women with breast cancer
    • Socioeconomic gradients in all-cause, premature and avoidable mortality among immigrants and long-term residents  
    • Failure of fertility therapy and subsequent adverse cardiovascular events
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    • Association between cardiovascular risk factors and aortic stenosis: the CANHEART aortic stenosis study
    • Infants born to opioid-dependent women in Ontario, 2002-2014
    • Mortality and costs of patients with community-onset Clostridium difficile infection identified using ED visits and hospital admissions
    • The relationship between therapeutic self-care and adverse events for home care clients in Ontario, Canada
    • Impact of unrestricted access to pregabalin on the use of opioids and other CNS-active medications
  • February 2017

    • Overweight and obesity rates in children using Electronic Medical Records
    • New surgeon outcomes and the effectiveness of surgical training: a population-based cohort study 
    Research video
    • Natasha Saunders on unintentional injuries in children and youth from immigrant families
    ICES in the News
    • Overdose risk in young children of women prescribed opioids 
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    • Trajectories of stroke care in Ontario: which path to best care?
    • Direct oral anticoagulant- or warfarin-related major bleeding: characteristics, reversal strategies and outcomes from a multi-center observational study
    • Disability in long-term care residents explained by prevalent geriatric syndromes, not long-term care home characteristics: a cross-sectional study
    • Association of the hospital volume of frail surgical patients cared for with outcomes after elective, major noncardiac surgery: a retrospective population-based cohort study
  • January 2017

    • Marking 25 years of research impact
    • Living near major roads and the incidence of dementia, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis: a population-based cohort study
    • Inadequate screening for retinopathy among recent immigrants with type 2 diabetes despite universal health care: a population-based study
    Research video
    • Paul Kurdyak on ADHD rates and medication trends in Ontario
    ICES in the News
    • Variation in access to kidney transplantation across renal programs in Ontario, Canada
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    • Using the electronic medical record to identify patients at high risk for frequent ED visits and high system costs
    • Long-term clinical outcomes and predictors for survivors of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
    • Effect of prepublication results on trends in prescribing of antihypertensive medication
    • Accounting for competing risks in randomized controlled trials: a review and recommendations for improvement
    • Outcomes of women and men with acute coronary syndrome treated with and without percutaneous coronary revascularization