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ICES-Institute for clinical evaluative sciences

Preparing and Submitting Your AHRQ

To be eligible for consideration

AHRQs must meet the following criteria:

Your organization must be a Knowledge User as defined by the MOHLTC (see AHRQ Guidelines for details).

The main objective of the AHRQ is to provide a basis for evidence-based decision making for the Knowledge User. It cannot involve advocacy of a particular cause or answer.

Priority will be given to single well-defined projects involving questions that are widely applicable to the health care system and for which ICES has the data and human resources to complete the work.

To submit an AHRQ

Contact the ICES AHRQ Project Manager for a preliminary assessment of AHRQ eligibility and feasibility.

Provide ICES with a brief summary of the background and purpose of the question being proposed by filling out the Knowledge User AHRQ Request Form.

Work with ICES to identify which of the three AHRQ response types is most appropriate given the information needed and the decision timeline.

Ensure that AHRQs are approved in writing by a senior manager (e.g., assistant deputy minister, executive director) in the Knowledge User’s organization and reflect the need for knowledge in the Ontario health system.

Complete a knowledge user impact survey upon completion of the project. This will provide feedback to ICES regarding the AHRQ process and how the findings may have informed and impacted health care delivery and health policy.

Please submit completed Knowledge User AHRQ Request Forms to both and

Requests that are not approved will be forwarded to the MOHLTC Research Unit, which will facilitate the referral of your question to another organization. You can also approach another Research Provider who may be better suited to answer your request.

For requests that are accepted, the results of the AHRQ will be submitted to the Knowledge User and a Summary of Findings Form will be submitted to the MOHLTC Research Unit once the work is completed.

Documentation and Resources

Knowledge Users should review the following documents and resources before submitting their AHRQ request.