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ICES-Institute for clinical evaluative sciences

Preparing Your AHRQ Request

Please ensure the Applied Health Research Question (AHRQ) meets the following criteria:

  • Your organization must be a Knowledge User as defined by the MOH (see AHRQ Guidelines for details).
  • The main objective of the AHRQ is to provide a basis for evidence-based decision making for the Knowledge User. It cannot involve advocacy of a particular cause or answer.
  • Priority will be given to single well-defined projects involving questions that are widely applicable to the health care system and for which ICES has the data and human resources to complete the work.

To submit an AHRQ

Requests will be reviewed on a monthly basis and a decision or request for additional information will be communicated to the Knowledge User shortly thereafter.

Important Notes

  • According to the MOH’s AHRQ Guidelines, not every AHRQ can be answered. ICES reserves the right to decline, postpone or refer an AHRQ to a more appropriate Research Provider according to the nature of the question or data source, the study feasibility, or the resources required to complete the work.
  • Requests to conduct research that is readily fundable through other means may not be accepted.
  • Upon the conclusion of an AHRQ project, Knowledge Users are asked to provide feedback regarding the AHRQ process and how findings from this work have informed health care policy and program development. This information will be incorporated into the Summary of Findings Form which will be submitted to the MOH Research Unit.

Documentation and Resources

Knowledge Users should review the following documents and resources before submitting their AHRQ request.

More information:

AHRQ Overview

AHRQ Categories

AHRQ Projects

AHRQ Infographics

Contact us

If you have questions about AHRQs and the AHRQ process, please contact